Year’s End Harvest

  • Posted by: karl
The final fruit of our labors taken in before the Fall's first frost
The final fruit of our labors taken in before Fall's first frost

We had our first frost earlier this week, and with it came the frenzy of harvest. Bea and I spent the afternoon gathering tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cukes, basil (and basil and basil), beans, and armloads of zinnias and cosmos. After supper, Karl went out with the headlamp and spread sheets and tarps over tomatillos, beans, and the few squash plants that haven’t been ravaged by the various bugs and blights that hit our cucurbits this season.

It’s beautiful and warm this weekend, and the plants we covered against the frost are now basking in the sun. Everything else is piled in the kitchen and mudroom, filling all the baskets and buckets we can find. Now, the pickling, freezing, and drying….

Author: karl