Ten Apple Farm Cookies, Cupcakes, & Scones!


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NEW THIS YEAR! If you’ve been on a goat hike, and have enjoyed Margaret’s cookies at the end of the hike, we’ll be baking extra batches during the week. Please order ahead if you want to make sure you get some of Margaret’s famous Molasses Cookies with Butterscotch Chips, Frosted Goat Sugar Cookies, or the classic, and delicious, Chocolate Butterscotch Chip. Order a “herd” of frosted goat cookies, and you’ll get a dozen goats, plus one chocolate frosted Philip cookie in each herd! Or order a flock of chocolate frosted Philips! A goat cookie herd is $15/dozen. All other cookies are $10/dozen, and can be picked up at the farm during the monthly open house, or any other scheduled pickup time.

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