Poultry Processing Workshop – Fall 2008

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It’s poultry processing day at Ten Apple Farm. Margaret (right) with Beatrice in tow works on eviscerating a chicken, while Samantha Hoyt-Lindgren of Rabelais Books contemplates the job at hand.


Ken Hahn mans the plucker.


We processed over 40 birds on this day – so the feathers can really start to build up.


Samantha Hoyt-Lindgren reaches in to pull out the innards.


Finished birds and parts cool in an ice bath before we wrap them up and freeze them. We try to save and use as much of the bird as possible. This includes necks, livers, gizzards, combs, and feet. The feet make the best chicken stock you’ll ever have. The rest goes to the pigs at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough.
Author: karl