Living With Goats Author Photo Shoot

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Margaret, Karl, Joshua and Chansonetta pose in the Ten Apple Farm barn for photographer José Azel (photographs by José Azel)

When we needed an author photo for the new book, Living With Goats, we knew just who to call: My boss, President of Aurora Photos, and National Geographic photographer, José Azel. For someone who has photographed Komodo Dragons in Indonesia, Great Amercian Bison in Yellowstone, Penguins in Antartica, Fox on Mt. Washington, so a couple of goats and 2 humans penned up in a barn should be a piece of cake, right? Well, as they say in show business, never work with children or animals. Actually, it was much harder on us than it was on José. We had to watch out for the horns. The photo above was the one we chose for the book jacket, but click on to see some of the out-takes.


Chansonetta gets a little frisky


Joshua gets a little jumpy.


Karl gets the “hooves”.


A very nice one of Margaret and Joshua.


Karl and Joshua not at their best.
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