Fuzzy Finds His Voice

  • Posted by: karl
It's a boy!
Fuzzy Feet is a boy

When you order a batch of at least 25 chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery, as we do every year, they throw in what they call a free “exotic.” Roosters El Diablo and Kazamir were both were free exotics from 2007 and 2008 respectively. Last year’s exotic sadly didn’t make it. This year’s exotic, a buff Cochin we dubbed Fuzzy Feet, has been a source of much consternation around the farm. I was convinced that Fuzzy was a hen, and that we’d finally gotten a free exotic that might be some use in the flock. Margaret was convinced Fuzzy was a rooster. Fuzzy has had the habit of not going back into the coop at night, hanging out right in front of the door and needing to be hooked and pulled in. Fuzzy has also attacked both Margaret and myself. All of these signs really pointed to rooster, but neither of us had seen or heard Fuzzy crowing. Until finally this week, Margaret was proved right. One morning this week, Margaret points out the window at Fuzzy standing on the back porch letting out one big cockadoodledoo after another. So there you have it. The proof is in and Fuzzy is a boy. He found his voice, so soon we’ll probably have to show him the (freezer) door. We might be having chicken in addition to turkey for Thanksgiving this year.

Author: karl