“Our curiosity was awakened to something broader than exclusively goats, something combining agriculture with conservation and education and a sort of activism by example. We wanted to believe that we were made of strong stuff, that we could work together as husband and wife, tilling the soil, milking the goats, and making of our lives something honest and true.” –from Living With Goats

Ten Apple Farm workshops are a great way to take part in life on the farm, learn new skills, and share new experiences. Workshops are typically around 2 hours, but often we’ll add on a goat hike to give visitors the full Ten Apple Farm experience. Summer workshops include:

Exploring Cheese at Ten Apple Farm: Tasting and Making
Fifteen years ago, our love of goat cheese brought us to this farm, and we love to share what we’ve learned! Join us for a half day on the farm, tasting our favorite local goat cheeses, and experimenting with the homestead chèvre we make on the farm. We’ll start with a guided tasting of Maine’s best bloomy rinds, semi-firms, and blues, then try our hands at mixing up small batches of herbed and spiced chèvre. Along the way, Karl and Margaret will share stories from The Year of the Goat adventure, and demonstrate how easy it is to make chèvre at home.
We’ll finish the afternoon with one of our goat hikes, taking our herd of Alpine dairy goats on a gently hike through the woods. We’ll continue with a lesson in milking, and, as with all our hikes, we’ll end back in the kitchen with fresh goat milk and cookies.
Maximum 10 people: $65/person (includes goat hike)

Jammin’ with the Goats: Jam, Pickles & Canning made simple

Join us for a half day farm adventure! Start in the kitchen with Margaret, cooking up a seasonal jam or quick pickle, and learning how to safely seal jars in a water bath canner. Move outside with Karl to take our herd of Alpine dairy goats for a hike through our woods, then continue with a lesson in milking. As with all our hikes, we’ll end back in the kitchen with fresh goat milk and cookies!

We’ll be putting up different fruits and vegetables throughout the summer—check individual event pages to see what we’re planning. Note: Participants take home a sealed pint jar of jam or pickles.

Maximum 8 people: $50/person

Backyard Poultry Processing
Before we began processing our own poultry, we had a lesson in humane animal butchery from a friend and fellow farmer. This hands on lesson was essential, and we now raise and butcher all our own poultry. We invite aspiring backyard poultry-keepers to visit the farm and learn our methods. Participants in this half-day small group workshop will observe how we set up, and will be given the opportunity to participate in backyard poultry processing. Attendees are welcome to take home one processed bird.
$50/person, $65/couple (couples share one bird)

COMING SOON (or contact us to schedule a private workshop):

  • Farmhouse baking
  • Cooking from the Garden
  • Cooking with Chevre
  • Thanksgiving Baking
  • Thanksgiving turkey processing