“It suddenly seemed possible to live out the dreams we had been concocting, to live both off the land and closer to it.” –from Living With Goats

Ten Apple Farm is a place where farm dreams come to life. We offer many ways for you and your family or small group to experience a small diversified family farm: goat hikes, goat milking and morning chores, homesteading workshops, all day immersive farm experiences, and extended stays in our farm guest house. Whether you are with us for a couple of hours, a whole day, or a whole week, we promise an unforgettable time on the farm, filled with recreation, education, and hospitality.

GOAT HIKES- Since we started with goats almost 15 years ago, we’ve been taking our herd of Alpine dairy goats for hikes in our woods for exercise and fun. A two hour recreational and educational experience, Ten Apple Farm goat hikes are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with our lovable herd. We invite you to join us on one of our regularly schedule public hikes, or contact us to schedule a private hike for your group.

SOLACE HIKES- When Margaret’s father died, she found great comfort in the animals and landscape of the farm. Walking with the goats, breathing in the smells of the woods, and caring for the animals through the meditative act of milking all helped her regain a feeling of connection with the world around. We invite people experiencing any kind of loss to join us on small, weeknight hikes that are tailored to those needing comfort and solace.

GOAT MILKING & MORNING CHORES- Come milk goats with us! We milk our goats by hand every day, twice a day, 365 days a year. We welcome visitors to take part in our morning milking, and our morning chore routine, which includes feeding and watering all the animals, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs and other seasonal critters, collecting eggs, and on nice days, putting the goats out to pasture. After chores, we like to sit with guests in our farm kitchen, share stories from our 14 years on the farm, and chat over homemade scones, fresh coffee or tea sweetened with garden simple syrups we make here on the farm. Visit us on Airbnb Experiences to book a Goat Milking & Morning Chores experience, or contact us to schedule a private visit.

HOMESTEADING WORKSHOPS- As we’ve learned skills that have propelled us towards self-sufficiency, we enjoy sharing those skills with others. Some of the workshops we offer include:

  • Farmhouse baking
  • Cooking from the Garden
  • Say Cheese! Exploring Cheese at the Farm (Tasting & Making)
  • Cooking with Chevre
  • Poultry Processing
  • Jammin’ with the Goats! Simple Canning: Pickles & Jam
  • Food & Farm Photography

Visit our Events Page for Scheduled Workshops or Contact us to schedule a private workshop

COOKING CLASSES- We love to eat, we love to cook, and we love to share food. We’ve written & photographed two cookbooks and a food guide to Maine. In addition to beginner and advanced skills around the kitchen, we share our experience and tips for writing beautiful recipes & photographing beautiful food. Contact us to schedule a private cooking class for 1-8 people.

A DAY AT THE FARM- How many of us have dreamed of living on a farm? Since establishing Ten Apple Farm in 2005, thousands of people have fed their own farm dreams through stays in our guest house, goat hikes, homesteading workshops, and the pages of our books. Now you can live your own farm dream with a personalized full-day or half-day farm experience spent with us here at Ten Apple. MORE INFO COMING SOON.

THE WOODS HOUSE AT TEN APPLE FARM- There is no better way to experience Ten Apple Farm than a stay at the Woods House. From this private house in the woods, take a short walk through our woods and apple orchard and you’re in the farm yard. Wake up early and come milk goats with us, or wait and join us for evening chores. Goodies from the farm are always awaiting you on arrival, and opportunities for animal interactions and farm experiences abound. MORE INFO ABOUT THE WOODS HOUSE || BOOK A STAY ON AIRBNB