“We don’t simply want to make goat cheese, rather want to center our lives around something both great and simple: Producing food and devoting our lives to the pursuit and cultivation of real flavor, in every meaning of that word.” –from The Year of the Goat


NEW JULY 2019!
The New Portland, Maine Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the Coast of Maine

[Down East Books, 2019] A fantastic collaboration between author Margaret Hathaway, photographer Karl Schatz and the great chefs of Portland, this beautiful cookbook gathers Portland’s best chefs and restaurants under one roof, featuring recipes for the home cook from some of the city’s most celebrated restaurants and showcasing full-color photos of mouth-watering dishes, award-winning chefs, and lots of local flavor.

Maine’s cultural and culinary heart, Portland is a buzzing and energetic food community. Widely considered to have one of the country’s most vibrant food scenes—named “Restaurant City of the Year” by Bon Appetit—the city offers a diverse culinary landscape, from classic seafood to Oaxacan to Korean to Milanese, and its devotion to farm-to-table cuisine and locally sourced ingredients is undeniable given that the Portland Farmers’ Market, the country’s oldest continually operating market of its kind, has thrived here for over 200 years.

With more than 80 recipes from dozens of the city’s most celebrated restaurants, including Drifter’s Wife, Rose Foods, and Chaval, and showcasing full-color photos of mouth-watering dishes by James Beard nominated chefs, and lots of local flavor, Portland’s dynamic food scene is celebrated in all its gustatorial glory

Featured restaurants include: Bharat • Belleville • Black Cow • Blyth & Burrows • Bolster, Snow & Co • Central Provisions • Chaval • Drifters Wife • Dutchs • Eaux • Forage • High Roller Lobster • Izikaya Minato • LB Kitchen • Little Giant • Liquid Riot • Lolita • Maiz • Mami • Mr. Tuna • Noble BBQ • Other Side Deli • Piccolo • Pizzarino • Portland Hunt & Alpine • Rose Foods • Salvage BBQ • Scales • Solo Italiano • Sur Lie • Ten Ten Pie • Terlingua • The Shop at Island Creek Oysters • Tin Pan Bakery • Tipo • Union • Woodford Food & Beverage


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Portland, Maine Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from Casco Bay

[Lyons Press, 2012] Stretched along the shore of picturesque Casco Bay, Portland, Maine boasts an astonishing concentration of outstanding restaurants and a food community with a sense of camaraderie and purpose. The restaurants here span a diversity of flavors, enthusiasms, and price points. The reasons for this culinary convergence are many. Portland’s geographical location— water on both sides and close proximity to the farms of southern Maine—provides chefs with access to a large variety of local ingredients, from grass-fed beef to farmstead cheeses to the daily catch coming in on countless fishing boats. It’s a city of creative chefs with a commitment to using local ingredients.

Featured restaurants include: Artemesia Cafe • Aurora Provisions • Back Bay Grill • Bar Lola • Bayside Bowl • Bintliff’s American Cafe Blue Spoon • Boda • Bresca • Brian Boru • Caiola’s • Cinque Terre • David’s Restaurant • Duckfat • East Ender • El Rayo Taqueria • Emilitsa • The Farmer’s Table • Figa • Five Fifty-Five • Gorgeous Gelato • Grace • Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro • Havana South • Hot Suppa! • Hugo’s • Local 188 • Local Sprouts Cafe • Maple’s Organic • Nosh Kitchen Bar • Old Port Sea Grill • OTTO Pizza • Paciarino • Pepperclub/Good Egg Cafe • Petite Jacqueline • Ribollita • Rosemont Bakery • Safari • The Salt Exchange • Schulte & Herr • Silly’s Restaurant • Sonny’s • Taco Escobar • The Rooms • Vignola • Vinland • Zapoteca Restaurante & Tequileria


Living With Goats: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Own Backyard Herd

[Lyons Press, 2009] Ever thought of raising a goat (or two, or twenty)? Perhaps you already do? Well, you’re not alone. This age-old practice is today enjoying a renewed popularity, and for good reason. The goat is one of nature’s most incredibly versatile creatures. With proper care and attention, it can feed, clothe, and comfort you. A goat can thrive on one acre or one thousand and can adapt to virtually any climate. It can show you immense affection. Other times, it can be the most stubborn, mischievous, and maddening animal in the yard, barnyard, or cauliflower patch. In Living with Goats, author Margaret Hathaway and photographer Karl Schatz show and tell you everything you need to know about raising goats. With the same lively prose and charming color photos that marked their widely praised The Year of the Goat, they address a wide range of topics—including breed characteristics, raising goats for milk or meat, shelter requirements, how to prevent injury and illness, and goats as pets. Replete with friendly advice, homespun wisdom, and entertaining anecdotes, Living with Goats will reassure you of just how easy and how rewarding it is to raise goats. Whether you are an armchair farmer, a hobbyist, a do-it-yourselfer, or already a proud goat-owner, it is the ultimate guide to your backyard herd.


The Year of the Goat: 40,000 Miles in Pursuit of Peace, Pastures, and the Perfect Cheese

[First published by Lyons Press, 2007; new edition by Down East Books, 2022] Many people dream of leaving the workday world for a life of simplicity and freedom, and Margaret Hathaway and Karl Schatz did just that. Feeling like something was missing from their city lives, the couple began to dream of an existence that was closer to the land and became captivated by the idea of themselves as… goat farmers. Realizing that they knew little about goats, and even less about farming, they gave themselves a year to explore the world of goats and decide if that was where they belonged. In THE YEAR OF THE GOAT, the reader can jump in the “goat mobile” and follow their adventures as they ditch their big-city lifestyle to trek across forty-three states in search of greener pastures and the perfect goat cheese. Along the way, the reader is introduced to a vivid cast of characters–including farmers, breeders, cheese makers, and world-class chefs–and learns everything there is to know about goats and getting back to the land. From the largest goat auction in Texas to a small Indiana dairy, from a Tennessee barbecue cook-off to a tasting session with New York’s premier maitre fromager, from Chicago’s famed Billy Goat Tavern to the rolling pastures of Northern California, the couple pursues all things goat. But readers beware: when it comes to goat cheese, it can be love at first bite.

Part food memoir and part picaresque travel narrative, THE YEAR OF THE GOAT marries the author’s twin obsessions with food and all things goat and tells the story of one couple’s fascinating journey.

Praise for The Year of the Goat:

A few thousand miles’ worth of earnestly documented visits to such goat-focused destinations as halal slaughterhouses, goat chariot races, goat barbecues, and even the experimental goat farms of Auburn, Alabama, “the epicenter of research on goat reproduction”, can hardly fail to awaken in the reader a genuine appreciation for, if not the world’s finest cheeses, the endearing creatures (human and animal) that make some of those cheeses possible. – Saveur

Anyone who has watched someone fall in love will recognize the symptoms: It’s sweet; it’s naive; it’s insane; it’s contagious. But what Hathaway and Karl Schatz, her fiance (and photographer), have fallen for is the idea of raising goats. – Washington Post

Hathaway’s descriptions of the characters they meet–both human and goat–are funny and vivid … This is a book for anyone who’s ever imagined going back in time to a simpler life–or anyone who loves cheese. – Entertainment Weekly

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The Food Lovers’ Guide to Maine: Best Local Specialties, Markets, Recipes, Restaurants & Events

[Lyons Press, 2011] The ultimate guide to Maine’s food scene provides the inside scoop on the best places to find, enjoy, and celebrate local culinary offerings. Written for residents and visitors alike to find producers and purveyors of tasty local specialties, as well as a rich array of other, indispensable food-related information including: food festivals and culinary events; specialty food shops; farmers’ markets and farm stands; trendy restaurants and time-tested iconic landmarks; and recipes using local ingredients and traditions.