A letter to prospective pork buyers from Beatrice

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Dear Buyers,

My name is Beatrice Schatz. I am 12-years-old and I am a part of the Cumberland County 4-H Swiners club. On Wednesday, September 30th, I will be auctioning one of my pigs at the Cumberland Farmers Club Youth Livestock Auction. For the last six months I have been raising two pigs to sell, and we need buyers to come to the auction and bid on livestock. There is no Cumberland Fair this year, but there will still be a show and an auction. There will not only be pigs at the auction, but also lambs and beef. The meat will processed by Windham Butcher, which is USDA approved. The animals can go there directly after the auction and you will pick the meat up there. There will be someone from Windham Butcher at the auction to arrange the cuts you want. If you are interested in bidding on my pig, please come to the Cumberland Fairgrounds before 4:00 pm on the 30th to see the animals and talk to the youth sellers. Please wear a mask. You will also need to register for a bidding number. At 4:00 pm the auction will begin. There will be an arena for socially-distanced bidding. Once you have made the highest bid and purchased the animal you will go to the cashier’s table and pay (cash and checks only). Then the meat is yours! If you do not eat meat and are just supporting youth in the community, you can donate the meat to a good cause, like a food pantry! For more information, and to register as a bidder for the auction, contact Mark Cooper, Livestock Superintendent, Cumberland Farmers Club (207) 892-7276 or at gmcooper81@aol.com. There is more information for buyers down below. 

Thank you so much!


Beatrice Schatz

Author: karl