A Date With A Duck and Other Workshops

  • Posted by: karl
The ducks have been prowling the property and getting nice and plump
The ducks have been prowling the property and getting nice and plump

We’ve got a lot of great workshops coming up this summer, the most exciting might be our first annual Duckstravaganza  workshop. We’ve really enjoyed raising ducks the past few years; they are fun to have around and delicious to eat. In the past we’ve raised Rouen ducks, the classic French table duck. This year we’re raising Pekin ducks, a slightly larger, meatier bird. Come out to the farm July 16 and learn to process (slaughter and clean) your own duck, then stick around for a demonstration of the many tasty ways to prepare this fabulous fowl. Participants take home their duck, ready for cooking, and herbs from the farm to season it with, as well as recipes. Full day workshop includes a tasting of some of our favorite duck dishes, including homemade duck sausage and duck prosciutto.

We’ve also got some amazing canning and preserving workshops on the horizon, all led by Master Preserver Allison Carroll Duffy. She’ll be out here this Saturday to teach us about jams, and later this summer she’ll be back for a pickling class, a tomato and salsa class, and, in early fall, an apple class that will cover both canning and dehydration. Listings will be on our site soon. In the meantime, we have a couple of spots left in this Saturday’s workshop–give us a shout if you’re interested.

Author: karl