Seed Inventory, part 1

  • Posted by: karl
Organizing last year's leftover seeds
Organizing last year's leftover seeds

One of our favorite rituals as we get ready to place our seed order for the spring is to do our winter seed inventory. We gather up all the half used and unopened packets left over from last year, including a bunch of packets we picked up at the FEDCO booth at Common Ground in the Fall, and a bunch of other people’s leftovers we collected at some recent Swap meets. It gives us a chance to revisit some of what worked, and we want to plant more; what maybe didn’t, but we want to try again; and what didn’t, but we’ll probably throw some in the ground anyway, just to see what comes up. Anyway, here’s what we’ve got:

Carrots: We’ve got a lot of half opened packets of FEDCO carrots including: Amsterdam#2, Danvers, Red Cored Chantenay, Purple Haze, Scarlet Nantes, plus a Nantes Half Long and a Petite and Sweet from Burpee.

Greens: We’ve got a lot of lettuces, several mixes, a couple of butterheads and a Pink Lettuce Mustard Gene Pool that we picked up at the swap that I’m particularly curious about. Also a Bloomsdale and Giant Winter Spinach that we’ll try to get in really early, a little bit of rainbow chard, arugula, and leftover mâche and Pak Choi that are chillin’ in the hoop house right now. Oh yeah, and a FEDCO kale mix and an unmarked red kale from the Swap.

Roots: Lots of seeds left in the Botanical Interests Purple Top White Globe Turnip packet. Harris Model Parsnip from FEDCO, and a couple random packets of beets. Probably will want to get more beets, especially golden and Chioggia. Only two packets of radishes, a Pink Beauty from Burpee and a Rainbow Mix from John Scheepers. We’ll probably want to get more of those, especially since I think we’re going to try to use the Burpee packet for spicy sprouts.

Brassicas: A little bit left of the Copenhagen Market Cabbage from Botanical Interests that did really well for us last year, plus an Earliana from Burpee picked up at the swap. I know we’ve got more cabbage on the to buy list, with the revelation of fermentation made this past fall, we’re going to be making a lot more kraut and kimchee this year. We’ve also got a packet and a half of the FEDCO broccoli blend which is the girls’ favorite to pick and eat. We hardly get it into the house, because they pick it clean right off the stalk.

Tomorrow, seed inventory, part 2. Stay tuned for nightshades, squashes, cukes, peas & beans, herbs, and odds & ends.

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Author: karl