Ten Apple Farm is a diversified homestead in Gray, Maine. On ten acres of land, we tend a small herd of Alpine dairy goats, assorted poultry, and a large kitchen garden. The farm is forever in process, and we’re gradually rehabilitating our apple orchard, while renovating our 1901 farmhouse with attached barn, built on the traditional New England plan: Big house, little house, back house, barn. We hand milk our goats and make yogurt and cheese, some of which we age in the house’s stone cellar. Throughout the year, we keep a flock of heritage laying hens, and in the summer we raise chickens, ducks and turkeys for meat. Every year we work to expand the garden and the growing season, with a goal of modest self-sufficiency. To that end, we put up as much food as we can for the winter: Freezing, canning, pickling, and drying throughout the summer and fall.

We moved to this farm in 2005, when we were expecting our first child. Since then, our family has grown, and our household now includes Margaret and Karl, our daughters Charlotte, Beatrice, and Sadie, our dog Banjo, our cat Truffle, Daffodil the rabbit and Dr. Bessie the guinea pig. We try to live simply, to revel in the natural world, and to celebrate our connections with humans and critters. Every day on this farm is a learning experience, and we’re eager to share what we’ve discovered. We welcome visitors–to the blog and the farm–and we encourage you to be in touch if you’d like to stop by. We offer regular workshops on basic homesteading skills, led by us and by more knowledgeable members of the food and farming community.

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