May Mushrooms

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Our oyster mushroom experiment success!
Our oyster mushroom experiment success!

After more than a month with no mushrooms in our crate–and a few other projects absorbing our attention–we’d begun to despair about our experiment. But then, a few weeks ago, a couple of tiny little mushrooms began to poke their way out of the straw, and in just a week they’d blossomed into the gorgeous fungus you see below. We harvested them in two batches, and made three meals: homemade pasta with fiddleheads, mushrooms, and cream; simple sauteed mushrooms in butter with lemon and garlic; and omelets with mushrooms and the last of the spinach we over-wintered in the hoop house. Delicious! Even Karl, who’s not normally a fungus fan, loved them.

Next step: soaking the crate of straw in cold water for a few hours to get another round. Our mushroom guru, who gave us the spores, says if all goes well we can expect another harvest (maybe even two), even larger than the first. Check back–we’ll keep you posted!

Margaret harvests the mushrooms
Margaret harvests the mushrooms
Beautiful and delicious
Beautiful and delicious
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Author: karl